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JESUS Film God Christianity Vasil*, a Bulgarian Christian, knew it would take a loving work of God to transform the lives of people living in a distant village—many of whom were Turkish speaking Gypsies. Although from a Muslim background, Vasil committed his life to Christ and his spiritual passion grew rapidly. He attended a conference about leading people to faith in Christ and establishing the new believers in churches that would then reach out and plant other churches.

In 2013, Vasil and three other volunteers working with JESUS Film first showed Magdalena in Turkish to about 100 people in this one remote village. Next, a local family opened their home for those who wanted to meet and learn more about the God of the Bible. Soon about 30 villagers were attending this home church, many of them now devoted to Jesus.

One of the families asked for Vasil and his team to help start another church nearer their home. Again the team showed Magdalena, and an interested group of people began to meet as a new church, led by one of the team members. Numerous baptisms followed.

Because of Vasil’s initial tenacity to believe God was leading him to take the gospel to one specific village, he and his team helped establish seven churches in the community, with plans to eventually minister to the entire region.

Since 2010, the JESUS Film staff and about 250 volunteers have used the ministry’s evangelistic films and discipleship tools to plant 127 new churches throughout this region of Southeast Europe.

*Name changed for security purposes

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