Restoration Process Revealed for “The JESUS Film”

Since the original version of “The JESUS Film” was released 35 years ago, it has been seen by over a billion of people around the world. Perhaps you were one of them. Well now that you have the opportunity to watch the fully restored and remastered edition, we thought it would be fitting to reveal some details about the process that The Jesus Film Project®, a ministry of Cru, took to help the film continue reaching believers and nonbelievers everywhere today.

How “The JESUS Film” was fully restored and remastered over the past 10 years:

  • 173,000 frames of footage were de-grained, retouched and recolored, leaving a clear, clean and more colorful picture in high-definition.
  • An introduction was added that was inspired by the Old Testament.
  • New audio was recorded for:
  • The voice of Jesus in the film (by Brian Deacon, the original actor)
  • The voices of other characters
  • A new music score composed by John Bisharat
  • Sound effects, including the atmosphere, footsteps and much more
  • The film’s audio was transformed from mono sound and remixed into Dolby 5.1 surround sound.
  • In addition to English, the 35th anniversary edition of the film was recorded in Spanish, Mandarin, French, Vietnamese, German, Korean and Arabic for the DVD.
  • Exclusive bonus features were also added to the DVD, including a story of the film’s impact over the past 35 years, which is narrated by actor Ernie Hudson.

Here’s a before and after of one of the scenes that gives you an idea of the change in visual quality.

The JESUS Film RestoredWhat do you think?

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