Carmen and Rivka

During a recent recording session in Colombia for the dubbing of Rivka into Spanish, a woman named Carmen (see photo) was being recorded. She was the voice of Rivka, the main character in the series, first seen in the film Magdalena.

During the many sessions, tears would come to Carmen’s eyes. She would pause, and say, “Oh, these words are just beautiful.” The entire process took two weeks. Near the end of the project, Carmen opened up about her life. Three months earlier her husband had left her for an old high school girlfriend. She had been crying every day since, and was deeply hurt. She felt worthless and was angry inside.

On the last day of recording, as she left the studio, Carmen asked if she could keep the script. Her eyes again filled with tears as she flipped through the pages. She went to the prayer of Rivka, where in the script Rivka asked forgiveness for her anger at her husband. Carmen showed the staff how she had written in the name of her husband who had left her, saying, “As we were recording those words of the prayer, I was praying for myself. This is truth, and I am changed. I am loved and beautiful because of who I am inside.”

Pray with us that millions of women will find that they are loved and beautiful inside, because of Jesus.