Light for the Darkness

update photoIn an Eastern India village, traditionally a haven for militant rebels, the villagers live cut off from the rest of society—no electricity, no safe running water, no medical facility, and no news of Jesus. But in 2011 a JESUS Film church-planting team found their way to the isolated village and, through use of the film, ignited the faith of the people to truly understand that the Son of God came to the world for them, too.

The first Christ-follower in this village was a hardened guerrilla fighter. “Now he is not only a believer in Christ, but God is using him to lead a Bible study group with 10 new believers from his village,” an area leader reported. “Through the ministry of these church planters now there are three Bible study groups with 27 baptized members and many seekers of the Lord.”

With the help of the church planters, this once-anarchist village has extended the gospel to two nearby communities and is praying for opportunities to evangelize, disciple and plant churches in four more neighboring villages. As roads are built to these outlying areas, the Campus Crusade ministry Global Aid Network® in Australia is planning to install solar panels on every home in the villages, helping bring light for their path and the Light of the World for their hearts.

Showing JESUS Around the World

Showing-JESUS“After watching this movie, many people from my community came [to] faith.  This movie was a great gift for us,” shared Prakash, an Asian pastor, after watching a new version of the “JESUS” film. Following several early showings of the film, the feedback from believers was overwhelmingly positive. One pastor shared that members of his community expressed amazement that the film was in their heart language. Immediately, they wanted to know more about Christ. Another believer noted that many of the people in his community held their own ideas of who Jesus was, but this film finally showed them the truth. Also, the excitement of some people watching the film, now able to understand the gospel on a deeper level, propelled them into their communities with a renewed desire to share their faith because they finally found a tool they felt confident using.