Blown Away by Our Supporters

In the month leading up to Easter, supporters of “The JESUS Film” continued to grow, expanding the number of people we were able to reach with messages from the film. Surprisingly, our social media reach from just one of our Facebook posts spread into the millions.

The JESUS Film HD Facebook ImageThat one post included a picture taken from “The JESUS Film” along with a faith-based quote. It was because of the hundreds of thousands who “liked” the post, commented on it and shared it that more than three million saw those interactions, many of whom liked, commented and shared as well. And that was just one of our posts.

Thank you … big time.

We are completely blown away by this and can’t thank you enough for being one of our faithful supporters. Just think about the potential impact for a second. Just for liking, commenting or sharing a post, you have the opportunity to help us reach millions of people for Christ. Don’t ever underestimate the influence you have to share His hope, love and grace with others.

By the way, did you #GiveJESUS?

Please continue to support our reach by using the hashtag #GiveJESUS on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The more people who use the hashtag, the more people there will be who have the opportunity to learn about Jesus.

Do it today if you want a chance to win a prize. Simply post a picture of yourself holding the “The JESUS Film” that you plan to give away to someone (friend, family member, co-worker, etc.) along with the hashtag #GiveJESUS. We’ll draw a lucky winner May 2nd.

Join the #GiveJESUS Challenge, and have a chance to win.

The news about the 35th anniversary edition of “The JESUS Film” hitting DVD and Blu-ray is out. It’s growing. And now, it’s about to go a step further.

In just under two months, more than 14,000 people have liked the JESUS Film HD Facebook page. Just over a week ago, “The JESUS Film” gained enough supporters on Thunderclap to reach 163,748 people with a message about the film in one single day.

Next up: We’re mobilizing a #GiveJESUS challenge.

Will you help us? It’s a simple and fun way to continue getting the word out about the film and reach others for Christ. How it works:

  1. Head out to a local retailer, such as Walmart (or others).

  2. Pick up a copy of the film. (One for each friend, family member, neighbor and co-worker whose spiritual journey you would like to enrich)

  3. Snap a picture of yourself with it, and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag: #GiveJESUS

Add your unique spin for a chance to win.

When you use the #GiveJESUS hashtag, you connect your message to hundreds of others, which amplifies the reach outside of your own social network. To say thanks for helping spread the message in this way, we’re giving away a copy of the “The JESUS Film” and a movie poster. Simply post your picture with the #GiveJESUS hashtag by May 2nd for a chance to win.

Not sure what else to say? These ideas may help you get started. We can’t wait to see your unique spin.

Look what showed up in our Easter baskets. #GiveJESUS #JESUSfilmHD He lives! (Mark 16:5-7)

I #GiveJESUS because of what He gives me. #love #joy #peace #newlife (Galatians 5:22)

About to #GiveJESUS away. (Mark 16:15)