Biblically Inspired Films Creating Positive Opportunities

In the past couple of months, filmmakers have done a great job drawing moviegoers in with biblically inspired films. Two of the most popular, “Noah” and “Son of God,” have done well at the box office. Whether your reaction to them was positive, negative or mixed, there have been positive trends and opportunities that followed.

During the opening weekend for “Noah” in theaters, the number of people turning to story of Noah in the book of Genesis increased by:

That of course does not account for those who turned to the story in print or from other sources.

While filmmakers today apply varying levels of creative license to familiar Bible stories, it’s certainly exciting to see the interest in biblically inspired films—and the Bible itself—grow. Even if films don’t line up precisely with scripture, they create an opportunity to drive people to the truth—in conversations with believers, in the Bible or in biblically accurate films like the 35th anniversary edition of “The JESUS Film.”

Though “The JESUS Film” comes from a different era of Bible epics, it still remains the most-watched film to date.

It seems that the Bible epics genre will continue to strengthen this year. “Heaven is for Real” is also now at the box office.  Others, like “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” are also set to be released this year. Our hope is that this genre of films will—if nothing else—point others to Christ.

What’s your reaction?

Have friends or critics strayed you away from seeing these films? Has seeing any of these films prompted conversations between you and others about the truth?