Challenge Recap—Day 2

In Day 2 of the 24-Day Challenge Bible study, we continue reading the book of Luke, learning about Jesus’ birth, the messengers God sent to spread the good news, and some of Jesus’ childhood. Here’s a recap to help you follow along.

An angel announced to shepherds in the fields of Bethlehem, “For to you is born this day a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” After seeing Jesus, they told others and praised God.

Reading further, we find out that Jesus was here not just for the Israelite people. A godly man named Simeon announced that in seeing Jesus, he had seen God’s salvation, “a light of revelation for the Gentiles.” So we learn that God had sent His Son to save people from every nation, including us. And at the end of Luke 2, we begin to get a glimpse of the savior we would come to know.

In reflection, as guided by the study, we can see how important it is to make the best of opportunities God gives us, trust that Jesus is Lord, and also be His messenger to tell others how to find Jesus.


Download the 24-Day Challenge study guide. Reference it after reading Luke 2 in your Bible or online.


Challenge Recap—Day 1

In the 24-Day Challenge Bible study, we’ve been reading one chapter of Luke each day and watching a related video clip from the 35th anniversary edition of “The JESUS Film.” Day 1 reminds us of God’s miraculous power and faithfulness.

We are told how Gabriel, an angel, is sent to the virgin Mary and tells her, “God has been gracious to you. You will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus.” This is not all. God had also made it possible for Elizabeth, a relative of Mary, to conceive in her advanced age, and her son is to be named John.

In either of these situations, it could be easy to doubt and question. Zechariah, Elizabeth’s husband certainly doubted. And though Mary questioned, she quickly responded with acceptance and obedience.

The study guide helps us reflect on our own lives and see how we can have that same attitude when God asks us to do something seemingly beyond our ability. We take away that we can trust in His plan, even though we may only know small parts of it at a time. How is God guiding asking you to trust Him right now and respond in obedience?


Download the 24-Day Challenge study guide.


A Day in the Life of The 24-Day Challenge

24 Day Challenge Bible StudyBefore starting any new study to dive deeper into the Word, you probably do a little research to see if it could be a good fit for you. To help you in your decision about The 24-Day Challenge Bible study, which is designed to accompany the 35th anniversary edition of “The JESUS Film,” we put together this glimpse of one of the days in the challenge.

A day in the life of The 24-Day Challenge could go something like this (taking as little as 10 minutes to complete or as long as you feel led):

1. Read: the chapter of Luke designated for the day. If this were your 23rd day in the challenge, you’d read Luke 23.

2. Watch: the short video clip from the 35th anniversary edition of”The JESUS Film” that corresponds to the day.

Select day 23 from the playlist (for example purposes):

3. Review, reflect and respond: as guided in the Challenge study guide. It recaps the scripture, lends some additional insights, asks you a few questions to help you connect deeper, and guides you through a related prayer.

Excerpt from the “respond” portion from day 23:

What would have happened if Jesus had taken the one criminal’s suggestion and come down from the cross?

Why do you think [Jesus] acted so graciously?

Think about Jesus’ last words. What does this teach us about how we should die?

Describe how you think the disciples felt when Jesus was crucified and buried. Why is it so important for us to see our trials in perspective?

Pass it on.

If you know someone else who might be interested in The 24-Day Challenge, pass this along. The study is free for anyone to enjoy. We welcome your comments about it, too.


Let the 24-Day Challenge take you deeper

We’re excited to announce that The 24-Day Challenge Bible study is ready for download. It’s free to you as the result of a collaboration between The Jesus Film Project® and Moody Church Media.

24 Day Challenge Bible StudyThis challenge is for anyone who wants to investigate the life and teachings of Jesus. During the challenge:
You’ll be pointed directly to the Bible.

  • Your journey will be supported with a study guide.
  • We encourage you to watch video clips from “The JESUS Film” to drive home the message.

What the study covers

There are 24 chapters of Luke and 24 days in the challenge, so you’ll journey through one chapter each day. The study guide will ask you questions to help you absorb the text more deeply, and it will guide you through a response to help you apply the message to your own life.

Sample questions:

Mary responded to incredible news with acceptance and obedience. How can we have that same attitude when God asks us to do something seemingly beyond our ability?

Think about the shy woman who went behind Jesus and touched His coat. Why would she be afraid to speak directly to Him? What emotions do you think she felt after she was healed? Can
you imagine how she felt when Jesus called her “Daughter?”

What instruction did Jesus give so we can stay awake, spiritually speaking?

How to download it and use “The JESUS Film” during the challenge

Visit our 24-Day Challenge page to get the study guide (PDF) and learn more.

If you don’t have the film yet, see how to get the Blu-ray or DVD for yourself and others who may want to go through the challenge with you. Then, post a picture of you holding it along with the #GiveJESUS hashtag by Friday for a chance to win a prize!

The 24 Day Challenge Bible Study

If you’re frequently on the lookout for powerful ministry tools to support sermons, Bible study groups or your own personal study, you’ve probably come across an abundance of resources. Here’s one that you may not have considered, which is biblically based, flexible and can enrich everyone’s understanding of the Bible.

“The JESUS Film” and the 24 Day Challenge Bible Study

24 Day Challenge Bible StudyHow it works:

  1. Sign-up to be informed when the 24 Day Challenge Bible Study is available by clicking here.  You will also receive general information about “The JESUS Film” on Blu-ray and DVD.

  2. Purchase the 35th Anniversary Edition of “The JESUS Film.” You may want to have a copy for everyone, or you may decide one copy works for your plans.

  3. As you journey through your study, use this classic, fully re-mastered film to drive home the lessons you cover. You could plan to watch specific scenes when you cover related material, watch the film in its entirety when your study is complete, or do both.

  4. When you are finished with your study and the film, give away your copies of the DVD or Blu-ray to someone that doesn’t know Christ or is a new Christian.

By seeing the Gospel of Luke come to life in “The JESUS Film,” it can bring excitement to anyone’s spiritual journey as well as a greater understanding of Jesus’ birth, ministry, death a resurrection. If you follow this 24 Day Challenge and it sparks some interesting thoughts or conversations, we’d love to hear about them.  Please leave a comment below.