24 Day Challenge Bible Study

24 Day Challenge BG

How it works:
We have partnered with Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Senior Pastor of The Moody Bible Church in Chicago, to write the 24 Day Challenge Bible study to guide you through the book of Luke in 24 days.

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  1. Purchase the 35th Anniversary Edition of “The JESUS Film” from the Jesus Film Project Store, Amazon (DVDBlu-ray), or at a Walmart near you.  Encourage your friends and family you knowThe JESUS Film to join the 24 Day Challenge with you.  We will also include clips online for each day’s challenge.
  2. As you journey through your study, use this classic, fully re-mastered film to drive home the lessons you cover. You could plan to watch specific scenes when you cover related material, watch the film in its entirety when your study is complete, or do both.
  3. When you are finished with your study and the film, give away your copies of the DVD or Blu-ray to someone that doesn’t know Christ or is a new Christian.

By seeing the Gospel of Luke come to life in “The JESUS Film,” it can bring excitement to anyone’s spiritual journey as well as a greater understanding of Jesus’ birth, ministry, death a resurrection. If you follow this 24 Day Challenge and it sparks some interesting thoughts or conversations, we’d love to hear about them.